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Proper Firework Disposal

Fireworks are a fun way to honor the 4th of July holiday, but make sure to celebrate responsibly! Every year, nearly 20,000 fires in the U.S. are caused from improper firework usage and/or disposal. F ...

6 Items to Avoid Wishcycling

If you’re not sure if an item is or isn’t recyclable, don’t “wishcycle”. Wishcycling is placing a questionable recyclable item into the recycling bin that can end up contaminating your recyc ...

No Leaf Piles in City Streets

If you have 3 wheeled carts for trash, recycling, and green waste, you reside within City limits and cannot pile leaves into the street. Instead, you must bag your leaves. Read more Notes From the Field.

Styrofoam goes into the Trash

eps in trash cart

Styrofoam may have the recycling logo on it, but Stockton does not have a Recycler to process it. All Styrofoam is considered trash. Notes from the Field.

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