What Do I Do With Leftover Paint

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Got leftover paint from a home renovation or DIY project? Don’t worry, you’ve got some options for taking it off your hands.

The first thing to know is that house paint and primers — and all latex and oil-based paint — are considered hazardous waste. It must be disposed of properly and should never be dumped down the drain. Improperly disposing of paint can be toxic to the environment and pollute water sources, harm fish and wildlife and even impact human health.

Disposal Options

Here are a few disposal options for paint that will ensure it can be recycled and used again. 

Take it to a participating hardware store. Some hardware and home improvement stores have paint-collection programs where you can donate leftover paint to be remixed and resold. Find a location near you.

Dispose through our Hazardous Waste Program. Paint disposed of through our hazardous waste program is reused, recycled into new paint, or blended into fuel. 

You can read more guidelines on dropping off paint and find a drop-off site here. Call ahead to verify restrictions on how much paint can be dropped off. 

Do you have completely empty paint cans? See how to properly dispose of them.

Waste Less Paint

In the future, try to buy only the paint you need. Try this Buy Right guide that can help you estimate the exact amount you need for your project. This can help avoid excess paint that will require disposal.