Bathroom Products: What to Recycle


When we think of places we can recycle, the bathroom isn’t necessarily the first that comes to mind. However, a lot of the products we use in the bathroom are recyclable. Keep reading to see which items you can keep out of the trash and get tips on how to reduce your overall waste.

Paperboard Products: Recyclable

Paperboard products are recyclable as cardboard. These include:

Make sure cardboard is clean and dry before recycling it.

Plastic Bottles: Recyclable

Plastic bottles are recyclable in Stockton. You don’t have to remove the labels. Just rinse and dry them like you would any other plastic container. Keep in mind that pumps are not recyclable — they are made from mixed materials that are too difficult for most facilities to separate.

Plastic materials include:

  • Lotion bottles (no pump)
  • Shampoo & conditioner bottles (no pump)
  • Mouthwash bottles
  • Liquid soap bottles (hand soap, face wash, body wash)

Plastic Wrap: Recyclable, But Not Curbside

The plastic wrap that tissue boxes, toilet paper, diapers and cotton balls come in is not recyclable curbside. However, you can easily recycle it with plastic bags. Find out how to recycle plastic bags here.

Dental Care Products: Recyclable, But Not Curbside

Dental care products are not recyclable curbside. You can, however, recycle these products through mail-in recycling programs. Check out TerraCycle’s Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Recycling Program and Colgate Oral Care Recycling Program.

Here are some of the oral care products that you can recycle through mail-in programs:

Remember to Reduce

Recycling is great, but reducing waste is even better for the environment. Here are some tips for reducing your waste in the bathroom:

  • Place a small bin next to your bathroom garbage to collect your bathroom recycling. You will probably recycle more often if you don’t have to walk every item out to your main recycling.
  • Use bar soap instead of body wash. Bar soap is more efficient and requires minimal packaging, whereas body wash tends to be used up quickly and comes packaged in giant plastic bottles.
  • Opt for reusable soap dispensers, and refill them from a bulk soap container.
  • Buy tube-free toilet paper so you can skip recycling the cardboard tube.
  • Avoid single-use products whenever possible.
  • Choose products that come in minimal packaging, or packaging that is recyclable in Stockton.