Eco Tips for Coffee Drinkers

Whether you’re a casual drinker, coffee connoisseur, or something in between, here are a couple of tips for keeping your cup of coffee as waste-free as possible.

Coffee Capsules

Did you know coffee capsule packaging creates around 1 billion pounds of waste each year? Switch to a reusable capsule, or ditch this method entirely.

Drip Coffee or Pour Over

Switch to a reusable filter. Or use unbleached paper filters, which can be composted after use.

Cold Brew

The classic cold brew system can be upgraded to fully reusable materials by using an oversized glass jar and an endlessly reusable cotton cold brew bag.

And no matter which brew method you choose, don’t forget to compost your leftover coffee grounds!

Going out for coffee?

Follow these tips:

  • Ditch paper and plastic in favor of your own reusable cup.
  • Skip the straw — you don’t need it.