Celebrate April Showers: How To Collect Rainwater For Your Garden

Springtime is a time of growth, warmer temperatures, and rain. As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Here are some tips on how you can create your own water-collection system to water your garden using those April showers.

Building a Water-Collection System

There are many different types of collection systems, from a simple barrel to a complete system of pipes and drains. 


This method uses barrels and a few simple connecting pieces you can find at the hardware store. Look for gently-used barrels you can reuse from a local grocery store, brewery, or restaurant supply store. Don’t use anything previously containing hazardous materials. 

When selecting a location for your system, choose one that has level ground and is directly under a downspout where water will drain. Be sure that your barrels seal properly to avoid attracting water-breeding insects like mosquitoes. When summer comes, you can simply fill a watering can from your handy collection system to keep your plants hydrated. 

For other options, check out the many designs from this list, which includes a design for free-standing catchment. The design essentially includes a catch-all such as a water tank or barrel and a large funnel placed on top of the container. You can build the funnel out of PVC and plastic or buy a large premade funnel. A free-standing catchment is an ideal design if your system can’t easily be situated near runoff water from a roof. 

Collecting your own rainwater for your garden-watering needs is an ideal solution for decreasing water usage through summertime — and luckily, the options for collection systems are endless. Once a design is chosen, you can get even more creative by decorating or planting around the system to further integrate it into your garden.