Eco-Friendly Gift-Giving for the Holiday Season

Did you know that between Thanksgiving and Christmas alone, Americans throw away 25% more trash to the tune of 25 million tons of waste? The good news is that you can help say goodbye to this negative holiday trend through the gifts you give. Here are some easy ways to reduce waste while still giving a meaningful gift.

Gift Ideas for Adults

Gift your loved ones a local service such as a massage, dinner at a restaurant, or a spa day. Besides reducing waste, this can feel even more meaningful than a disposable item, while also supporting a local business. Similarly, you can create your own personalized gift certificates for activities like lawn care, help around the house, or going on a favorite outing.

Gift Ideas for Children

Educational gifts are a nice way to engage a child’s curiosity and are typically made to be reused. Gifts like an eco-friendly science experiment kit or beginner gardening kit can cultivate interest for future career paths or teach them valuable skills for life. Also consider toys that are not age-specific and can be reused as kids grow, such as a set of wooden building blocks. Kids may also enjoy an interactive experience, such as a dress-up box with old Halloween costumes, shoes, and accessories found at the local thrift store.

Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Did you know that many types of wrapping paper cannot be recycled? However, plain brown paper is recyclable, and like the saying goes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! See if you can reuse brown paper bags from the grocery store, and use twine, dried flowers, or other personal touches in place of purchasing new bows and ribbons.

A container or wrapper that can be reused in a purposeful way can also be as meaningful as the gift itself. For example, a hand-dyed handkerchief or fabric scrap tied around an item makes a beautiful wrapper. Baked goods or perishables can be gifted in a thrifted decorative glass jar, or placed in a canvas tote or reusable shopping bag. 

Eco-friendly Holiday Card Tips

Reinventing your holiday card routine to be eco-friendly can be easy and affordable. Try sending cards made of recycled content paper, cards that aren’t glossy or glittery (which make them non-recyclable), e-cards, or make your own cards from magazine clippings.