The Extraordinary Life of One Piece of Fruit


As we get closer to Thanksgiving and remember to be thankful for our bounties of food, it’s good to remember all the resources that go into producing it. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes effort that contributes to full shelves at the grocery store and a full fridge or pantry at home. So even when one piece of fruit is left to mold and gets thrown away, it’s not just one piece of fruit that we’re wasting — it’s freshwater, soil nutrients, gasoline, manual labor — the list goes on.

This new video from the AdCouncil and NRDC shows the entire life of a little strawberry in a lapse of two minutes, from when it’s growing, to when it’s picked on a farm, to when it goes to the store, and finally, when it’s picked to go home with a family. It will make you see food waste from a whole new perspective.

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