Go Green with Your Summer Water Gear

Whether you’re going to an ocean, river, or nearby creek, there are lots of easy ways to make your next waterside trip eco-friendly. You can start with a great guide here for prolonging the life of your fun inflatable toys. Here are additional ways to go green while playing in the sand and sun:

  • Buy Used

First and foremost, buy used if possible! Look for pre-owned swimsuits or wetsuits at outdoor or watersport specialty stores or online. Here’s a helpful article from 360 Guide on what to look for when buying used wetsuits. Gear such as floaties, coolers, beach chairs, and umbrellas can be found in garage sales, thrift stores and online used gear marketplaces.

  • Buy Sustainable

If buying new, aim to buy from companies that keep sustainability in mind and produce eco-friendly bathing suits and wetsuit options. Options include gear made from recycled materials like old bottle caps or natural rubber, or gear produced in a water-efficient manner or at a facility committed to producing less waste.

Check out Sustainably Chic’s list for 17 sustainable swimwear brands for various genders, body types and budgets and Surf Atlas’ breakdown of sustainable wetsuits.

  • Maintain and Take Care of Your Gear, Used and New

Take care to properly store your gear so that it lasts as long as it possibly can. Salt water can cause metal to rust, so wash or wipe down your gear and dry it off before storing. 

  • Got Extra Gear?

Is your gear collecting dust in your home? Donate your gently-used gear! Otherwise, if your gear’s main function is lost or becomes unusable, check the Recycling Guide for proper disposal, recycling, and/or reuse tips!