Take to Recycling Center or Landfill

Bricks can be brought to North County Recycling Center & Sanitary Landfill, Lovelace Materials Recovery Facility & Transfer Station


Clean Planet, Inc.
250 Port Rd. 23, Stockton, CA 95203 | (209) 463-1067
Map & Directions
Accepts asphalt, brick, tile, concrete, rock, sand, and dirt. Fees may apply. Call for details. Drop off only.

Frank C. Alegre Trucking
915 W. Anderson Street, Stockton, CA 95206
Office: (209) 334-2114, Scale House: (209) 462-2038
Map & Directions
Recycles asphalt, concrete, cinder blocks, tile, bricks, rocks, sand, dirt, and gravel. Fees may apply. Call for details. Accepts material from commercial and residential sectors. Pick up or drop off.

United Facilities
3535 Perlman Drive, Stockton, CA 95206| (209) 470-1489
Map & Directions
Accepts concrete, asphalt, brick, and dirt/clean fill.

Trash Bin

Don't Throw Away Bricks

Bricks are a common, in-demand building material and can easily be repurposed. Other construction debris must also be disposed of properly; otherwise, heavy metals can leach into the soil, contaminating the environment.

Plan Before Demolition

Bricks are more likely to be repurposed if they are structurally sound. Recover more high-quality bricks by sorting them during the demolition instead of afterwards. For smaller demolition projects, you can separate bricks from waste and neatly stack them.