Hot Tub

Alternative ways to recycle
Take to Recycling Center or Landfill

Get Assistance with Removal

An empty hot tub can weigh at least 500 pounds and will require multiple people for its removal. If possible, seek professional assistance when moving a hot tub, as to do otherwise can void any warranty.

Prep for a Smooth Removal

First, disconnect the power and turn off the water. Next, drain the water from the tub. Then, disassemble the parts, including the panels, pipes, motors, pumps and heaters. For more detailed information on disassembly of parts, read this blog post by Leslie’s. Lastly, clear a path wide enough to move the tub. If necessary, you can use a reciprocating saw to cut the basin of the tub into pieces.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Trade It In

Upgrading your hot tub? Check if your dealer will haul away your old tub as a trade-in.

Ways to Reuse

Sell It

Keep your old tub out of the landfill by selling it or giving it away. Try listing it on a platform such as Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

Part It Out

If your tub is broken, you can sell its parts. Hot tubs are designed to last, so even if it stops functioning, its parts are still valuable.

Repurpose It

Hot tubs can be repurposed as backyard ponds, fountains or garden beds. Check out this Pinterest board for inspiration.