Light Up Shoes

Illegal in Garbage or Drains
Hazardous Waste

Contains Mercury

Light-up shoes may contain mercury so they should never be thrown in the garbage. This is particularly true for light-up shoes made prior to 1997, which should be disposed of as hazardous waste.


Newer Shoes Are E-Waste

In newer light-up shoes, manufacturers use LED lights and electrical switches. First remove the button battery, then dispose of the shoes as e-waste.

Ways to Reduce

Take Care of Light Up Shoes

Taking proper care of light up shoes will help them last. Avoid puddles and wet weather, and keep them out of extreme heat as well.

Troubleshoot Light Issues

Instead of getting rid of light up shoes that aren’t working, try a couple of easy fixes first. Look up any tips or instructions from the manufacturer, and check out these tips to fix light up shoes as well.

Tired of Lights? Turn Them Off

Many light up shoes can be turned off. If they have a removable battery, just remove the battery to turn the lights off. Otherwise, look up instructions from the manufacturer.

Did You Know?

Mercury Bans Likely Don’t Affect Your Child’s Light Up Shoes

These days more people know about the dangers of mercury exposure, and recent legislation has helped cut back on the use of mercury in society. Yet, light up shoe manufacturers can still use button batteries which are known to contain mercury.