Silly String

Put in Garbage Cart
explosive warning symbol

Aerosol Can

The silly string container is an aerosol can. If there’s even a drop of liquid left, an aerosol can is still pressurized and can explode, so dispose of it as hazardous waste.


Recycle Can When Empty

Once an aerosol can is completely empty it may be recycled. Never recycle aerosol cans before they are completely empty as they pose a serious danger to recycling workers.


The String is Garbage

Wait until the silly string has dried before cleaning. It’s easier to remove once dry. Dispose of string in the garbage.

Ways to Reduce

Use Paper Decorations

For decorations, use paper products. You can buy them or make your own. When you’re done, decorations can be saved for reuse or put in the recycling. 


Choose Bubbles Over Silly String

Bubble wands with store-bought or homemade bubbles are a great eco-friendly alternative to silly string.