Alternative ways to recycle
Put in Garbage Cart

If your tarp doesn’t fit in your garbage cart with the lid closed, take it to the landfill.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Find a Tarp Recycler

You can recycle your old tarps by giving them to organizations such as Billboard Tarps or Ecologic Designs, who will reuse or recycle them.

Ways to Reduce

Use Old Billboard Signs Instead

If it’s time to replace an old tarp, consider a recycled billboard sign. Billboard Tarps, Billboard Vinyls and other online sellers offer old, waterproof billboard signs at competitive prices.

Clean Your Tarp Properly

Extend the life of your tarp by shaking off dirt, debris and standing water. When cleaning your tarp, avoid harsh chemicals such as bleach unless mold or mildew is present, as the bleach will weaken the tarp. Use a gentle dish soap diluted in warm water to clean your tarp instead.

Patch Holes and Tears Right Away

Repair holes and tears in your tarps as soon as they appear to keep them from getting bigger and weakening your entire tarp. Use tarp tape, tarp glue or grommet repair kits.

Ways to Reuse


Cut Up Your Tarp

If your tarp has reached the end of its life, but there are sections that are still sturdy, you can cut the tarp up into smaller squares. They work well as cat litter liners, planter box and pot liners, and other household projects. If you’re feeling crafty, try upcycling your old tarp into a sturdy waterproof beach bag with these instructions from Alisa Burke.

Donate or Repurpose It

If your tarp is not worn through, you can donate it or repurpose it into countless ideas, including Slip ‘N Slides, hammocks, camping tools, liners for ponds or hockey rinks, drop cloths for painting, or covers for backyard compost, hay, cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs or snowmobiles. Check out the TarpsPlus blog for more ideas.