Scrap Metal Is Not Collected Curbside: Here’s Why

a large pile of scrap metal

Scrap metal, which includes copper, steel, brass and iron, can be found in items all around your home. It’s one of the most common and valuable materials to recycle, but here’s the thing, it cannot be placed in your recycling.

Aside from aluminum and tin cans, metal cannot be recycled curbside because of the danger it poses to the recycling workers and automated sorting machinery. While some magnets and sorters can screen out big items, small parts and sharp objects can be hidden and get past the initial sorters.

In order to recycle scrap metal, and earn money doing so, you can bring it to a scrapyard. You can find nearby scrap yards using the iScrap App. Before taking metal to the scrapyard, it is recommended that you separate your ferrous metal from the non-ferrous metal. Because ferrous metals contain iron, they are recycled differently than non-ferrous metals, and can be distinguished by simply holding a magnet next to the item. If it sticks to the magnet, it is a ferrous metal. If it does not, it is non-ferrous.

Ultimately, despite scrap metal not being recyclable curbside due to the risks of danger and damage, it is a great – and profitable – choice to find a local scrapyard to dispose of your metals, where they can be recycled time and time again.