How To Use Our Recycling Guide

recycling guide

Knowing what to recycle can be tricky. Lucky for you, our detailed recycling guide is always at your fingertips. Here’s a brief guide on how to navigate its features, through your phone, tablet or computer.

Search or Browse

Once you’ve navigated to the recycling guide, you have two options for finding the item you’re looking to dispose of. One option is to use the search bar to enter in the name of the item you’re looking for – keep an eye out for suggestions as you type. The other option is to browse by What to Do (disposal method), use, or material by using the bubble menu right on the main recycling guide page. 

Guide Items

Once you find a specific item, below are more details on what you might find listed.

Under an item, you will find a “What to Do” heading that lets you know where the item should go. This could tell you to throw it away in the garbage, to recycle as e-waste, or dispose of properly as hazardous waste, to name a few examples.

Tips, like the one in the box above, offer more information about an item. For example, one tip about glass jars is that they need to be recycled empty.

Tips can also let you know of alternative ways to recycle items, ways to reduce, and ways to reuse. For example, using old food jars to store dry goods in your pantry. 

At the bottom of some guide items, you’ll find a “Did You Know”. “Did You Knows” offer a fun fact or tidbit that goes beyond information regarding disposal of an item. For example, did you know that that glass is infinitely recyclable? 

What To Do

If you want more details about disposal, click on the banner under the guide item name to be taken to the respective “What to Do” page. This page will have more info on the disposal method and include a complete list of all items that can be disposed of in the same manner. This can be very helpful for a What to Do such as hazardous waste where you could save a trip to the hazardous waste drop off location by taking multiple hazardous waste items. 

That’s our recycling guide! The next time you’re at the grocery store, or standing in front of your recycling bin, feel free to quickly reference an item and learn about its recyclability and more!