Why You Should Never Recycle Your Garden Hose


In the springtime, a lot of us dig out our lawn and garden supplies and strategize what we’re going to do with our yards this year. This is usually when we realize that we need to replace our garden hoses. Whether they froze when they still contained water, got run over by a car or lawn mower, or broke down over time, hoses just don’t last forever. Although you might think garden hoses are recyclable, you need to throw them away.

Why? Garden hoses are one of the most dangerous items to accidentally toss in your recycling. They are long and unruly, and can wrap around sorting machinery. This not only can damage the machinery, but it also endangers the workers who have to try to untangle them. Toss them in the trash, or, if you’re feeling resourceful, check out these ideas in the recycling guide for repurposing them.