Reduce Your Packaging Waste with these 6 Tips

It’s hard to avoid packaging waste entirely, but here are some tips that can help cut back on the packaging that ends up in your garbage or recycling.

  1. Bring reusable bags with you to the store. This may be hard to remember, so here’s a pro tip: Stash a couple by your door so you always see them when you’re leaving the house, and leave some in your car so you never end up at the store without them.
  2. Making a grocery run? Bring reusable produce bags and use jars or other reusable containers to fill up on bulk foods.
  3. Pick items that come in as little packaging as possible. For instance, if you’re choosing between a product that comes wrapped in plastic and cardboard vs. a product that comes wrapped only in cardboard, choose the item packaged in cardboard only. Or, if you’re choosing between an item that comes loose vs. packaged, such as produce that you can pick one-by-one or buy in a bag, choose loose so you don’t bring any packaging home with you.
  4. Choose glass, metal, and paper packaging over plastic packaging. Cans, paper, and cardboard are more recyclable than plastic.
  5. Need to buy something that comes in plastic? Choose a plastic type you know you can recycle. Check our Recycling Guide to find out which plastic items we recycle in Stockton.
  6. Buying online? Make sure you’re disposing of boxes, bubble wrap, padded envelopes, and plastic mailers correctly.