How to Create a ‘Planet-based’ Holiday Meal

No holiday season is complete without our favorite foods. Whether you cherish the memories of gathering around the table with family and friends, bringing annual recipes to life in the kitchen, or visiting specialty vendors, we likely can all relate to the joy evoked by satisfying holiday fare. 

This sensational time of year is an excellent chance to practice shifting your consumption habits to be more environmentally friendly. A planet-based diet, or a diet low on environmental impacts, but not necessarily exclusive to plants, can be a great way to do so. According to the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) science-based report, adopting a planet-based diet can reduce: 

  • Food-based greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30%
  • Wildlife loss by up to 46%
  • Agricultural land-use by at least 41%

Delight your friends, family, and community by creating “planet-friendly” dishes that mimic and can perhaps rival the originals. 

Holiday favorites reimagined:


Main dishes: