Float On Through Summer and Beyond: Tips on Caring for Your Pool Float

Summer season means longer days, backyard barbecues, and for many — lots of time outdoors floating in the pool, ocean, rivers, or lakes. Whether you prefer a colorful unicorn, giant pizza slice, or an old-school tube — learn how to care for, store, and dispose of your inflatable pool float toys using these tips below*:

Proper Care

  • When carrying your pool float to and from the water, avoid dragging on concrete or rocks that can rip the plastic.
  • Spray and wipe away any debris after use to avoid mold and mildew build-up.
  • Keep out of direct sun and extreme heat — this can degrade the plastic and increase chances of developing a leak from a rip or hole.
  • Keep away from pets that may be inclined to scratch or otherwise puncture the material.
  • If your float develops a leak, attempt to repair it before disposing.

Proper Storage

  • Deflate and dry completely before storing.
  • Fold neatly and store in a cool and dry place, such as a moisture-proof container in your garage, closet, or underneath your bed, etc.

Proper Disposal

When your pool toy has reached its final float, make sure to dispose of it responsibly. For the City of Stockton, this means placing your item in the curbside garbage. Pool floats can be made of any combination of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), nylon, vinyl, or rubber which is not currently recyclable or compostable.

By following the guidelines above, you can save money, spend more time floating, and add less to the landfill. Float on!

*These tips work for all plastic inflatables, including blow-up rafts and inflatable paddleboards!