Re-Sell, Don’t Landfill!

Are you holding onto a pair of jeans, shoes, or an item that you probably won’t ever use again? There are many ways to keep belongings out of the landfill, but if you are looking to also make some money, here’s how:


Gently used, unstained, and freshly washed clothing and accessories can be taken to a consignment shop. As opposed to a general thrift shop, these shops house your items and offer you store credit or cash if someone purchases them, while also taking a percentage of the payment. There are many options for consigning clothing, ranging from national chain stores to locally-owned shops, and even internet sites such as Poshmark or ThredUp where you can mail in items and sell through an online listing. Many stores return unsold items after a period of time. For the highest chance of sale, choose the right store for your items, such as a children’s clothing-specific store, or a handbag-specific consignment store. 

Sports Equipment

Clean the equipment well, repair any broken parts, and then head over to the internet! Good pictures are key to making your gear stand out above the other listings. Try selling on social media (such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist) or listing on community groups online. For larger items like bicycles or paddleboards, call and ask shops that specialize in selling outdoor/active gear to check if they also have a section where they sell used gear on consignment.

Winter Gear

When the fall season arrives, “ski swap” events are often held in preparation for the upcoming season. Check online community bulletin boards or event calendars and newsletters from ski resort towns. You can bring used gear to the venue several days before and it will be priced for resale when the event opens up to the public. This is like a warehouse sale but is stocked with used items being resold by the community instead of new items. A portion of this sale usually goes to support the local organization or charity hosting the event. 

Specialty Items

Is there an antique lamp collecting dust in the attic, or a designer handbag still like-new? Items of value like these can be listed on re-selling sites online or taken to an antique or high-end consignment shop. Examine items carefully, researching their features and price so you have all the details. Take high-quality photos of the item (follow these tips from Reseller Bible!) and be sure to list all you know that can help verify the item’s authenticity and value. Be well-informed about what you’re selling so you can negotiate the price successfully with the buyer.