Refuel Your Fun – Reusable Propane Cylinders Available Near You

Did you know that California has a reusable propane cylinder program? If you use a single-use propane cylinder when camping or grilling, consider switching to a refillable version. There are dozens of locations across California and surrounding states where you can purchase and refill your propane cylinders!

How To Use

Refillable propane cylinders can be purchased at a U-Haul, hardware or camping store for approximately $25. They can be refilled with propane hundreds of times, which is cheaper than purchasing a new container and much more environmentally friendly in the long run. Some cities even offer free cylinders at special events (which can be found on the Refuel Your Fun website here).

Why Go Reusable?

  • Single-use propane containers can start fires at local recycling facilities when disposed of improperly.
  • Refillable propane containers are cheaper in the long run – refills cost around $2, which is cheaper than buying a new propane container every time!
  • Using a refillable propane container means less waste is sent to the landfill.

To find the nearest retailer near you, visit Refuel Your Fun. Consider calling the store ahead of time to check for services and availability.

For more information, watch this video below: