What Should I Do With Scrap Metal?


Scrap metal is any kind of recyclable metal or metallic material leftover from manufacturing or consumer products, including copper, steel, aluminum, brass, nickel and iron. Even though these metals are recyclable, they often end up in the trash because they aren’t recycled through our curbside program.

It’s important to recycle scrap metal because the more we recycle and reuse, the more we reduce ore drilling around the world. Since metals are valuable, you can also make some money while you’re at it! So how can you recycle your scrap metal?

The best way to make sure your scrap gets recycled is to take it to a local scrapyard. Find a list of scrapyards in our Recycling Guide, or try using the iScrap App to search for scrapyard locations and prices.

If you want help identifying scrap metal, use this guide to common types of scrap from Capital Scrap Metal, or check out iScrap’s list of the top 25 types of scrap metal.