Show the Earth Love!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s try to show the Earth some love — by not adding to our landfills. In the U.S., the amount of garbage we toss has grown to about 1,800 pounds per person every year, and there are about as many closed landfills in the U.S. as there are open ones. Landfills are also the third-largest source of human-based methane emissions in the U.S. — and a major contributor to climate change.

Do your part to love the Earth and reverse these trends by following these steps:

1. Reduce

Prevent waste before it starts by reducing the amount of items and disposable packaging you buy. Before purchasing a gift for a friend, colleague, or loved one, ask yourself: is this truly needed to express my sentiment? And if so, is it possible to express appreciation with a handwritten letter, a baked good – or if purchasing an item – one that can be used for a long time or with as little packaging as possible, such as a potted plant? While it feels great to give and receive gifts, it’s even more so if the gift is heartfelt and also good for the planet!

2. Reuse

Instead of tossing something, find ways to reuse it! Our Recycling Guide is full of ideas on how to reuse and repurpose different items that would otherwise be bound for the landfill. If you receive a Valentine’s gift, save the gift wrap to use again, or repurpose any containers as storage or planters in next year’s garden.

3. Repair

Fix the things you own when they rip or break instead of tossing them if possible. Lost a button or got a small hole in your shirt, dress, or pants? Give your clothes some love and look up tutorials on how to DIY the fix, or get your item professionally repaired.

4. Recycle

Last but not least, recycle — properly! Use our Recycling Guide to double check what to throw in the recycling and what’s accepted in the green bin. Avoid wishcycling and contaminating your recycling and compost!

Wish the Earth and all its inhabitants a happy Valentine’s Day by doing what you can to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle!