Looking for a Valentine’s Date? Try Recycling


A recent study revealed that men might not recycle as much because “going green” is considered unmanly. But according to a national survey, women are more attracted to men who recycle. And women aren’t the only ones. In a study about first impressions, recycling ranked higher than a host of other characteristics, including having a graduate degree or a prestigious job. Why is that? It shows consideration — for the environment and future generations.

So if you have a date this Valentine’s Day, or are hoping to stumble into a potential sweetheart before it rolls around, remember that recycling makes a good impression!

Here are some tips so you don’t forget:

  • If you bring roses to your special someone, remember that the plastic wrapping can be recycled with plastic bags.
  • Once you’re done with the flowers, they can be recycled in your compost.
  • Greeting cards can be recycled with paper.
  • Candy wrappers can’t be recycled, so remember to toss them in the trash.