Fun and Eco-Friendly Winter Activities for Kids

When it’s cold out, there’s a tendency to bundle up and stay inside. In addition to movie marathons and reading books, here are a few fun ideas to stay entertained indoors with your kids.

  • Reuse Paper to Make Snowflakes

Have any old handouts from school? Reuse paper to make snowflakes to hang around the home and get into the winter spirit. 

  • Reuse Cardboard and Make a Dome

Does your local furniture store have any big cardboard boxes they are happy to give away? If so, grab a box and turn it into a comfy dome to play in and “protect yourself from the elements.”

Another fun option for indoor play is to create a blanket fort. Stack storage boxes, laundry baskets, a step ladder, or chairs to create a frame for the fort, then drape blankets over the items to create a warm and cozy cave. 

  • Make Your Own Playdough

There’s no need to run off to the store when you can make your very own playdough at home. Check out this recipe to start having fun it will last for a couple of weeks, and because it is made out of natural ingredients, it is also 100% compostable! 

  • Time to Layer Up

Turning down the heater by just a few degrees can significantly decrease your bill and electricity usage. Teach kids to layer up by playing a silly game of “who can wear the most clothes?” Start with socks and long underwear, layering summer shorts, pants, and then coats. You can even create a little runway where kids can show off their new outfits. 

  • Active Winter Play

Stay warm by taking a winter hike. A simple park or nearby nature trail can transform into a different experience with the season change, making it a new place to explore. Help decrease waste by looking for recycled hiking gear at the local thrift store. If you decide to go hiking in a colder area with snow, a pair of all-season hiking boots can easily become winter boots with a thick pair of socks and boot chains purchased at your local hardware store, taking away the need to buy new shoes.