Aerosol Cans

Alternative ways to recycle
Illegal in Garbage or Drains
Hazardous Waste

An aerosol can is still pressurized and can explode if there’s even a drop of liquid left, so dispose of them as Household Hazardous Waste.

Stockton residents can bring aerosol cans to the following location:

San Joaquin County Household Hazardous Waste Facility
7850 R.A. Bridgeford Street
Stockton, CA 95206
(209) 468-3066 
Map & Directions


Alternative Ways to Recycle


Febreze Aerosol Recycling Program

Recycle empty Febreze-branded aerosol containers through TerraCycle’s Febreze Aerosol Recycling Program.

Did You Know?

Aerosol Cans Still Aren't Green

The United States stopped using chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in aerosol cans in the 1970s because they were depleting the ozone layer. Yet aerosol cans still contain chemicals that contribute to climate change, such as compressed gases and hydrocarbons.