Dead Animals

Special Instructions

Handle Safely

Avoid direct contact and use leather, rubber, or latex gloves when handling. Place in a sealed heavy-duty plastic bag as soon as possible.


Under 15 Pounds? Garbage OK

If you have a dead pet or wild animal that weighs 15 pounds or less, you can bag it and put it in your garbage.

Over 15 Pounds? Bury or Cremate

If you own property, you may bury a dead pet or wild animal that weighs over 15 pounds on your land. Bury it at least four feet deep and cover with lime juice to discourage scavengers.You can also pay to have pets cremated. For assistance disposing of wild animals over 15 pounds, contact Animal Control.

Livestock? Bury, Cremate or Render

Farmers are allowed to bury, cremate or render dead livestock. Animals should be buried at least four feet deep and covered with lime to discourage scavengers. Incineration is best if the animal was diseased. Learn more about proper livestock disposal.

On the Highway? Call the Police

If you see a dead or dying animal on the highway, or if you hit a pet or farm animal on the highway, report it to the police.

Call Animal Control for Pets or Wildlife

Animal Control will remove wildlife at no cost. They will take away pets for a small fee or no cost.

Call a Veterinarian or Animal Shelter

Veterinarians and animal shelters typically offer cremation services for pets for a fee.