Plastic Plates

Put in Garbage Cart

Put in Garbage

Plastic plates are made from low-grade plastic that can’t be recycled, even if they’re brand new. Put plastic plates in the garbage.

Not Suitable for Second Meal

Don’t wash and reuse disposable plastic plates. The plastic degrades and becomes unsafe to eat from.

Ways to Reduce


Choose Reusables Instead

Use reusable plates and containers instead of disposable plastic plates. If you don’t have enough plates for a gathering, consider asking a friend or family member to bring an extra set.

Reusable Packaging For Businesses

Check out Upstream’s catalog of reusable packaging and unpackaging innovators that provide ways for consumers to obtain products, mostly food and beverages, in returnable, reusable, or refillable packaging – or they deliver products to consumers unpackaged altogether.

Ways to Reuse

Reuse as Saucer for Planters

Plastic plates make great saucers for indoor planters.

Save for Crafts