Portable Pools

Take to Recycling Center or Landfill

Never Recycle Your Kiddie Pool

Kiddie pools are typically made of materials such as PVC plastic (#3), which cannot be recycled. Additionally, the shape and size also prevents a kiddie pool from being recyclable.

Ways to Reduce

Buy Gently Used Instead of New

Buying used reduces items sent to the landfill – and saves you money. Check if a friend or neighbor is getting rid of a gently used pool instead of shopping for a new pool. With a good wash, a used pool can be just as good as a new one.

Ways to Reuse

Sell Locally or Online

If your pool is in good condition, sell it at a yard sale or bring it to a local swap meet. Your neighbor buying it could save you a trip to the landfill. You could also easily post and sell your pool in online marketplaces such as Craigslist and eBay.

Did You Know?

Pool Water Can Harm the Environment

Check how to safely drain your pool in your region, as regulations can vary. Do not put pool water in your storm drain, as it leads back to natural waterways. Pool water contains hundreds of chemicals that can potentially harm human health, plants, wildlife, and marine life. The Department of Energy & Environment has a helpful guide on safe options.