Tire Chains

Alternative ways to recycle
Put in Garbage Cart

Do Not Recycle

Tire chains are heavy and pose serious safety hazards to sanitation workers and recycling machinery.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Recycle With Scrap Metal

Because chains are made from metal, many scrap metal recyclers will accept them for recycling. Find out what to do with scrap metal.

Ways to Reduce

Follow Installation and Care Instructions

To keep tire chains in working condition as long as possible, always follow instructions for use. Tire chains can last a number of years with proper care and installation.

Ways to Reuse

Still Usable?

Sell or donate used tire chains that are still in usable condition.

Repurpose Your Chains

Chains are an incredibly useful material. You can use smaller chains for DIY jewelry or larger chains for hanging or securing items inside or outside your home.