Vinyl Records

Put in Garbage Cart

Recycle Cardboard Covers

If your record covers are clean and made of paperboard, recycle them with other paperboard.

Plastic Goes in the Garbage

Throw any plastic sleeves / film packaging covering a new vinyl in the garbage.

Ways to Reduce

Give to a Charity or Thrift Shop

Consider taking unwanted records to a thrift shop or donation center near you. Old records are like other plastics: they leach chemicals into the environment if they end up in landfills.

Ways to Reuse


Craft and Upcycle

Consider upcycling old vinyl records into craft bowls, tables and even clothing. Find new craft ideas.

Did You Know?

"Turntablism" - Art Making Turntable

Artists are transforming old record players into illustrators. They have reinvented “turntablism,” which is a word describing the act of using a turntable to draw revolving images.