Glass, Can It Always Be Recycled?

pile of glass bottles

Glass is a wonder material that can be repeatedly recycled. When glass is recycled, it is melted down and turned into new products. However, not all glass is created equal, and depending on its composition, must be disposed of accordingly.

Bottles and Jars Are Recyclable
The glass typically used for beverage bottles and jars, known as soda-lime glass, is the most common type of glass. Soda-lime glass is a cheap and easy glass to produce and recycle, making it well suited for transporting food and beverages.

Pyrex and Glassware Goes in the Trash
Other types of glass, such as borosilicate glass are better equipped at handling changes in temperature. For this reason, borosilicate glass – also known as Pyrex – is commonly used for bakeware. However, because of the difference in chemical composition when compared to soda-lime glass, these types of glass melt at a higher temperature and are unable to be recycled in your bin. </p

Moreover, certain types of glass, for example, wine and drinking glasses, contain additives and have a different composition that also renders them unable to be recycled with other types of glass.

Broken Glass Goes in the Trash
Broken glass can harm workers at recycling facilities and cannot be recycled. Small broken glass items should be wrapped in newspaper or in a plastic bag and disposed of in the trash.

When in Doubt, Consult Your Recycling Guide
Glass can seem like a tricky material to figure out, and when in doubt, please consult our recycling guide for more information.