Lower Your Impact on the Power Grid with These Simple Tips

Being mindful about the energy you’re using at home is one great way to help the environment. In order to create electricity, power plants burn fuel that create greenhouse gases, contributing to an overall rise in global warming. Energy usage can skyrocket in the summer months, especially with heatwaves becoming more common each year.

Here are some simple and easy changes you can make at home to decrease your energy usage and your electricity bill while helping save the planet:

  • To keep your house cool:
    • Close the blinds on the south and west-facing windows of your house.
    • Stand underneath and look up to check overhead ceiling fans to make sure they’re rotating counter-clockwise. When they rotate this direction, it creates a cooling effect by pushing cooler air down and warmer air up.
    • Seal windows and doorways so cool air doesn’t escape when you do use the air conditioner.
    • Adjust your thermostat or turn your air conditioner off when outside temperatures dip.
  • When doing laundry:
    • Use your washing and drying machines during non-peak hours (early morning or late evening).
    • Wash your clothes in cold water.
    • Hang clothes to dry versus using the dryer.
  • For the evening:
    • Only use lights in the room you are in. Turn off all other lights in your home.
    • Read a book instead of watching TV.
    • Eat dinner by candlelight or lantern.