Tips for Reducing Your Energy Bill While Staying Cool


Staying cool in your home while keeping your energy bill manageable is a current challenge in California. Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep the air conditioning (AC) off… some that may even help save you money!

Behavior Change

With simple and more conscious behavior changes, you can keep the home cool without having to install any equipment or other technologies.

  • Prepare foods that do not require heat (salads, sandwiches, etc.). Avoid cooking indoors by using a BBQ to keep the heat out of the kitchen.
  • Keeping shades drawn during the day and open windows in the early morning hours or at night to bring cooler air into your home.
  • Take a cold shower to cool down, or even do a few-second cold blast when getting out of a shower.
  • Close the vents in rooms that are not being used to redirect cold air to the most frequently used parts of your home.

Design Considerations

Big savings can be accomplished with these more involved home projects.

  • Energy Smart Landscaping: Planting leafy trees on the South and West sides of the home can block harsh solar rays.
  • Upgrading and Sealing Windows and Doors: Poorly sealed and/or insulated windows and doors can be some of the biggest culprits in letting cool air out of the house. Make sure all doors are shut and make upgrades to windows and door sealants as needed.
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat: This allows for temperature holds which can prevent the AC from unnecessarily running overtime.