Transform Your Trash into Treasure

Throughout the country, groups are getting creative with trash. Hosting fun events such as upcycled trash fashion shows or art exhibits teaches the community that what once was waste can become a treasured item once again. But what can we do personally to help reduce trash in a creative way? Here are some ways you can embody the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” inside your home.

DIY Bulletin Board

Wine bottle corks attached together can make a fun and creative bulletin board that’s also a personal keepsake. Cherish the memories spent with friends “earning” your corks, while enjoying your collection as a new functional household item. Pastel and Macarons has a helpful tutorial with instructions.

Recycled Jewelry

A bit of jewelry wire and two hooks can turn small keepsakes into wearable gifts for those you love. You can make earrings out of everyday items like bottle caps, recycled beads from broken jewelry, soda can tabs, sea shells, and so much more. For more ideas, check out these 14 tutorials for recycled jewelry ideas.

Framed Keepsakes

A frame is a great way to display an item of sentimental value. Find a used frame at a thrift store or give an old frame a new life by sanding it down to wood or repainting. You can frame items such as drawings or paintings by family members, old t-shirts,quilt scraps, or even pressed flowers, to name a few ideas. Check out these tutorials for over 40 projects using your old picture frames!

Graphic Cutting Board

Have a cutting board that needs to be replaced? Transform it into a beautiful kitchen display through this creative idea. Instead of throwing out an old board, you can use waxed paper or transfer sheets to press an image onto your board. You can use newspaper, a page from an old book, a handwritten family recipe, or a line drawing.