Packing a Zero-Waste Lunch for Human and Environmental Health

south west style lunch bowls packed in glass

In our ever-busy lives, we sometimes opt for convenience, and with food, that often means grabbing takeout or an already packaged snack.

And although easier, these convenient choices can lead to us eating not-so-healthy food, spending more money, and producing unnecessary waste. Not only that, but takeout packaging can leach chemicals into your food that are thought to have serious negative impacts on human and environmental health.

If we are able to spend just a little time preparing and packing a meal, we can save money, eat healthier and avoid excess packaging waste. We also get that added benefit of knowing the ingredients of what we are eating and maybe even where it came from!

There is no need to buy anything to get started; use what you already have. Empty pickle jars can be reused to house your leftovers from dinner. Grab any necessary utensils and you are all set. Just be careful with reusing plastic containers, as these can also potentially contain and release harmful chemicals into your food.

And whether you’re packing a lunch for the office or an outing to the park, you can take the zero-waste mindset wherever you go. Even when you want or need to get takeout you are still able to make choices that limit your waste — like requesting minimum packaging and no disposable utensils or straws.

Ultimately, your zero-waste meals and mindset are healthier for you, your wallet, and the planet — and that’s a win all around.